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 Agricultural and Horticultural Calendar of Pyin Oo Lwin



av humidity 65-75%

Strawberry harvesting (end of large Japanese varieties and beginning of native, smaller and (some say) better tasting varieties.  Strawberry wine production.  Coffee harvesting and drying, packing and distribution.  Cherry trees and golden shower in full bloom throughout the town.  Cymbidium orchid flowers blooming.  Cold, sunny, wonderful days and clear, starry nights.



av humidity 20-65%

Strawberry harvest in full swing.  Beetroot sometimes available.  Cymbidium orchid flowers blooming.  Jacaranda (blue blossom) and peach trees blossoming.  Camellia (pink flowers) blossoming, with many other blossoming bushes.  Cool nights, with the days becoming progressively warmer.  Sometimes quite misty in the early morning providing wonderful opportunities for creative photography.  Grass begins to dry out in February.



av humidity 20-35%

Strawberries still on sale and exported.  This is the most colourful month of the year.  Annual garden flowers (salvia, cleome, petunia, snapdragon, phlox, clarkia, godetia) in full bloom.  Peach, jack fruit, damson fruit all come into season.  Perennial flowers, shrubs and trees ( coesalpinnia, jacaranda, flame of the forest, Myanmar cherry (Ngu-sat), padouk, ngu-shwe, sein-ban-nee) are in abundance in every part of the town.  Peaches start to be seen.  Orchids in full bloom.  Night time temperatures rise, and days are warm but dry.