Historical Church Photographs

All Saints' Church, 1914.  The original church (1902) is on the left.  The new church on the right lacks its belfry, which was added in about 1926-7

One of the most important contributors to the SPG translation of the Bible was Saya (Teacher) George.  A brief biography of his life and work was published by ISPCK in 1962, and is reproduced here by kind permission (2008) of ISPCK.  (pdf file of 512kb).

You can download Maymyo (later Pyin Oo Lwin) baptisms (236 kb pdf file) and marriages (120kb pdf file) registers from the late 1940s.  (We are currently searching for the pre-1940 registers)

Church Work in Upper Burma (up to about 1947) is available for download here.(pdf file, 147kb)

  The photographs below were received from Mrs Anne Carter whose father, Rev Charles Edward Garrad, arrived in Burma in 1907 aged 31.  His brother, Rev William Rolfe Garrad arrived in Mandalay in 1909.  Mrs Carter was born in Maymyo, and re-visited many of her childhood memories in November 2007.  We are immensely grateful to the Carter family for this unique archive of local history.

The Archbishop of the Province of Myanmar (the most Revd. Samuel San Si Htay) gives Rev. C.E. Garrad's translation of the Bible to Anne Carter (translator's daughter) and her son Peter Carter 15 Nov 2007 at Bishop's Court, Rangoon.

Anne, Peter and Thomas Carter with Rev Khoi Lam Thang, Translation Officer at the Bible Society HQ, 262 Sule Pagoda Road, Rangoon, on 15 Nov 2007.


At Christ Church, Mandalay Cathedral

At All Saints' Church, Pyin Oo Lwin, 18 November 2007

Rev. Nallahamby Swamiadian.  Crockford Directory says "deacon 1912; priest 1914, Rangoon.  Diocese Rangoon from 1912.  MAYMYO, BURMA. (his address) Ė Mrs Carterís father used to work with him a lot.


Bishop John Aung Hla, 1948

Mrs Anne Carterís Uncle, William Rolfe Garrad, when he was 25 years old, just before he came to Mandalay with S.P.G.  about 1909.


Bishop Fyffe on a visit to Mandalay Jan 1912


Canon William Rolfe Garrad's grave at Christ Church, Mandalay

The Feast of the Transfiguration, Christ Church, Mandalay, about 1929

Rev. F.R. Edmonds with pupils in the Divinity School 1916.

 Rev. Francis Robert Edmonds.  Riverine Chaplain, Upper Burma 1906-10; Member of Winchester Brotherhood, Mandalay 1908-23 (head for last 3 yrs); Bishop's Chaplain & Cathedral Organist, Rangoon, 1923-24.

A meeting at the Royal School, probably on 22 August 1952.  The 5 men in the front row are named as ChitTwe, Ba Thike, Bishop Aung Hla, Ba Than, Yarde

Christ Church Mandalay.  Built 1869.

Rev. Charles Edward Garrad (Member of Winchester Brotherhood, Mandalay 1906-20) and daughter Anne. About 1927, probably in Moulmein.

Mrs Anne Carterís father Charles Edward Garrad, when he first arrived in Mandalay about 1907, aged 31.

Christ Church Mandalay.  Built 1869.

U Ta (caretaker of Christ Church, Mandalay in 1930)

Canon William Rolfe Garrad's grave at Christ Church, Mandalay

Canon W.R. Garrad's funeral at Christ Church  in January 1951.

Canon W.R. Garrad's funeral at Christ Church  in January 1951.

Canon W.R. Garrad's funeral at Christ Church  in January 1951

Three successive Bishops of Rangoon, l to r Bishop Tubbs 1928; Bishop Knight 1903-09; Bishop Fyffe 1910-28.

Marjorie Rawson, (Mrs Carter's mother) a month before her marriage to Rev. C.E.Garrad.  She was formerly the Principal of the Blind School for Girls, Insein, Rangoon

The 1939 Ordination service for priests & deacons at All Saints, Maymyo, the first ever held there. On the Bishop's right is Will Garrad, on left the Rev R.H.L. Slater

Earlier Maymyo House, 'Weybridge'.  This house has now been replaced by a large modern house, but the large double-fronted neighbouring house 'Forest Gate' still remains in an excellent state

Lansdowne House, Maymyo.  This house, substantially unaltered, now houses the Chinese Baptist Mission

The Garrad's House in Kalaw.  This house is still Anglican Church property

The Winchester Brotherhood House in Mandalay in 1908


All Saints Maymyo nearing completion in 1914.  The original 1902 building is on the right

The SPG Royal school after partial rebuilding 1952




Saya George with his wife

The Big Ward of Queen Alexandra's Children's Hospital

The Feast of the Transfiguration, Christ Church, Mandalay, about 1929

A meeting at the Royal School, Mandalay probably on 22.8.1952.  The 5 men in front row are named as Chit Twe; Ba Thike; Bishop Aung Hla; Ba Than; Yarde.

Queen Alexandra Children's Hospital, Mandalay, West End outpatients department


Queen Alexandra's Children's Hospital, Mandalay


Miss Patch, matron, Miss Scott-Moncrieff helping her in the theatre


The translators of the Bible into Burmese c.1926 - front row Saya George, Rev. William Sherratt, Rev. Charles Edward Garrad.


Canon W.R. Garrad's funeral at Christ Church  in January 1951.



Dated Dec 28 1907 and shows front row, left to right Rev Eustace Hanson Cox, S.P.G. Chaplain at St. John's College, Rangoon, 1907-09; Rev. William Charles Bertrand Purser S.P.G. Chaplain at St John's College, Rangoon, 1904-06; Missionary at St Michael's Kemmendine, Rangoon, 1906-28; Rev. Vickerman Nicholson Kemp, Missionary at St. Gabriel (SPG Tamil Mission) City & Diocese Rangoon from 1904;  all of these from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel).  Back row, l to r : Rev Harold Jocelyn Buxton, domestic chaplain to Bp of Rangoon 1907-09, Rwy Chaplain (A.Cl.S.) Dio. Rang. 1909-10; the Archdeacon (probably Rev, Eustace Hanson Cox, who was an SPG Chaplain at St John's Coll. Rangoon from 1907, but Crockford doesn't mention he was an Archdeacon); Bishop Knight of Rangoon, Rev. Charles Edward Garrad, member of Winchester Brotherhood, Mandalay, 1906-20.