The European Cemetery








  The original European Cemetery is adjacent to a larger Christian Cemetery.  Neither is used for burials now.  Both cemeteries are of considerable historical importance, and remain one of very few sources of information about individuals and families between 1900 and 1986.  The European Cemetery is of particular interest to those people whose forebears died in Maymyo, particularly serving military personnel.  Since the town was (as it is today) a military training centre, few if any of the 200 or so military burials represent people lost in action.  Full records and photographs of all existing graves in this cemetery are maintained at All Saints' Church, and the published register may be downloaded (see under).  Below is a selection of headstones and views over the cemetery.  Many Europeans died during the evacuation from Burma.  The listing of evacuees can be found at

For help in tracing relatives who died in pre-independence Burma, but are not recorded here, BACSA ( may be very helpful.

Their names liveth for evermore

Download the full list of names and locations (144kb) in pdf format.  Download the full register with all available photographs (523kb in pdf format). 

Cemetery Gate

Cemetery Entrance

An Unknown Soldier

Alcott, L.

Armstrong, J.

Berry, F.

View of the cemetery from near the entrance

Churchward, H.M.

Dawson, S.

Ekers, G.

Friedlander, L.L.

Fullerton, G.

Grieve, E.

Harding, W.G.

Homer, E.H.

Howard, K.

Kelly, D.G.

McGeogh, J.P.G.

Oliver, L.M.

Poole, M.G.

Reynolds, M

Shepherd, W.

Thompson, W.

Whitaker, W.B.

Original kindly provided by Rosemary Hopkin.

Wyman, E.

Corner of Plot A

Plot A

Plot D

Plot D

Plot D

Plot 4

Plot E from Plot A

Plot E

Plot K

Plot L

Plot L