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Be cool - stay overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin and wake refreshed!


Visitors from outside Myanmar are allowed to stay only in hotels and guest houses which have a licence for foreign guests.  Pyin Oo Lwin has a very good range of accommodation for foreigners, varying from cheap ($20-$25) per person, upwards.  Most hotels provide breakfast within the price, but this may be quite frugal, though the hungry visitor can easily find a filling breakfast for around a dollar or two in a nearby teashop.

Many of the hotels in the centre of Pyin Oo Lwin fall into the lower end of the scale.  Most of these find favour with back-packers.  All have a telephone, but may not have international dialling.  You can easily top up your sim nearby.  The most common 4G providers are Telenor, Ooredoo, MPT.  Most hotels have wi-fi and running hot water.

The more expensive hotels are mostly in the residential area around Circular Road.  These are generally of a high standard, comfortable and clean, a well kept environment, and with attentive staff.  Almost all offer all meals, though we would recommend eating out.  Rooms are equipped with satellite tv and air conditioners, and bathrooms contain the facilities and comforts to be expected.

Hotel staff in Pyin Oo Lwin are very courteous towards guests.  They will go to extraordinary lengths to help you with your needs and with local information.  There is usually at least one member of staff who speaks English - but all will welcome your attempts to communicate in the Myanmar language.  Give it a go!

If there is time, visitors on a low budget may be advised to check out more than one hotel.  Standards may vary considerably from one year to the next.  There is no central hotel advisory service, so Booking.com,Trip Adviser, Agoda etc are essential.  Wikipedia lists 91 hotels (search: Google, Wikipedia, Trips, Hotels), unevaluated, but with price guides.



Some Pyin Oo Lwin Hotels

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