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Our weather throughout the year


Glorious in autumn (lush greenery), winter (perfect blue skies and amazingly starry nights),  spring (strawberries and cream, flowers, fresh fruit and wonderful  vegetables, and blossoming cherry trees, jacaranda, and others).  Summer starts in late April (Thingyan festival) with most rain between June and September and wonderful blossoms. Thadingyut (Festival of Lights) is in mid-October, thus usually missing the rainy season.


Our weather this week

December 2019:

Max 79f (26c), Min 50f(10c)

No rain, but rather windy and occasional cloud


See our Calendar to make comparisons.


At last the rain has stopped, and we are entering the cold days of the year.  Quite cool at night (down to 8 or 9c, so if you are eating outside in the evening, take a jumper!  Fewer international travellers than we are used to.