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Pyin Oo Lwin has hotels from top class down.  Comfortable country inns with good food and service, medium range hotels, and budget hotels - all give an old-fashioned individual attention and assistance to visitors.


Overall, price is a good guide to quality and comfort.  Despite inflation prices have remained quite stable.  Best bargains are about $15 in the lower bracket  and $40-75 in the upper.  Budget travellers should check out Royal Flower Guest House and Dahlia Motel, too.  (Check out and etc).  See Where to Stay.


In the off-season (after mid-April to end September) bookings aren't needed.  It's worth calling in advance for rooms in the better hotels since they do fill up occasionally - on the weekends near Full Moon days, for example.


Lots of places to eat, ranging from Feel and Woodland (European, Japanese, Thai and Myanmar menus, international quality and ambience) to Chinese restaurants and roadside Food Markets which are set up outside the Main market and the Shan market from about 4pm onwards.  Quality and hygiene varies, and MSG is on the wane.  An excellent and busy farm eatery is at December, a mile further towards Lashio from the Reluctant Buddha Pagoda.


Pretty safe town wherever you stay.  But do look after your phone and currency especially.  Remember that you are one of the main income streams of this place!