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Old Maymyo

Life magazine, May 18th 1942. Japanese invasion (pdf)

Bird's Eye View of Maymyo

Colonel May, after whom the town was named

Elephant at Garden Reach

Governor House, 1926

Governor House pond, 1926

Governor House pond and tennis court, 1926

Harvey's grand piano arriving at Lashio

Kandawgyi Bridge, 1926

Lady Butler's childrens party, 1926

Lashio Residency, 1926-35

Lashio Residency after it was given to the Sawbwa, 2005

Lashio Residency interior

Harvey Household at Marrick, 1926

Maymyo Club

Maymyo market, 1924

Namtu, 1920's

Namtu silver mines between 1920-39

Namtu silver mines railway

Namtu silver mines

Park View Garden

Park View garden

Riding at Kandawgyi, 1926

Russell Square School, 1926

St Joseph's European Convent

Main street scene, 1920, before Purcell Tower was built

Tapsy Villa 1918

Anisakan natural Swimming Pool

David Edwards at Maymyo Soldiers Home, 1938

Salvation Army Soldiers Home, 1938

Soldiers Home, 1938

Soldiers Home, 1938

Salvation Army War Cry, 1942