Some photos from the 1920s



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This well preserved house, dating from the 1920s, can be seen on Circular Road.  Although a number of large modern houses are now being built, many of the interesting buildings from the early 20th century are now being reconditioned.



"Club View"




Bungalow on Circular Road "Meyer Lodge" Club Road
"The Retreat", Club Road "Tapsy Villa" 2007




"Tapsy Villa" 1918

"Russell Square" 1925



"Russell Square" 2007

Bird's Eye View of Maymyo




"Park View" Garden 1926

"Park View" Garden 1926


"Governor's House" 2008

"Park View" rear garden

"Governor's House" 1926






Governor's House pond 1926

Governor's House pond and tennis court 1926


"Marrick", and the Harvey household, 1926

Riding at Harcourt Butler Lake, 1926

tennis court, 1926

Lady Butler's Bazaar and children's party, 1926



"Governor's House", 2008

"Governor's House" Hall, 2008

Town Centre, 2007

Town Centre, 2007

Town Centre, 1920s


All Saints' Church nearing completion in 1914

New and old Anglican churches in 1914

All Saints' Church in 2005

St Michael's School 1923




Lashio Residency 1926-35


The Harvey's grand piano arrives 1926

Residency front, after it was given to the Sawbwa.  Photo: 2005



Namtu Silver Mines between 1920-30

Namtu housing


Namtu Mines Railway