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Art Galleries

    La Vie Art Gallery, on the right side of the Main Market.  Mu Mu is an original artist of Pyin Oo Lwin, who has had a number of showings within the country and overseas.  These original paintings make excellent, if pricey, gifts and memories.  Rolled up in hand-made mulberry bark paper, they are easily fitted into a visitor's luggage.


Books and Newspapers


Aster Arts and Crafts.  From the clock tower, look for Aster's sign on the left, and take the lane off the Mandalay-Lashio Road.  Aster's is on the left.  Strictly a curio shop, he keeps an interesting collection of old (and ancient) books and magazines (many Readers Digests from 1950 onwards) in English.  Worth a browse.  English spoken.  Aster was formerly known as Kenny's.  Collection of 1960's novels in reasonable condition at $2 apiece.

The only other shops selling English language books and papers are along the Mandalay-Lashio Road just before the small market.  Many hotels and guest houses have a book-swap collection.



Clothes and knitwear

The  Main Market is best for cheap clothes and shoes.  For higher quality try:


Bravo Boutique.  No. 4, Mandalay-Lashio Road (next to a new purple-painted building).  A real clothing store, with most sizes available.  English is spoken.

Ko Latt.  No. 9, Mandalay-Lashio Road (near the Clock Tower).  Good range and variety of clothes and personal items.

Olympic.  Near State High School (1).

Star Sweater.  Block 2, Mandalay Lashio Road.  A huge variety of hand knitted woolen clothes and hats









Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

There are innumerable pharmacies and shops selling cosmetics.  In general pharmacies near the main clinics are well stocked, particularly with those items most in demand.  All supermarkets and general stores have extensive cosmetics sections.  Imported 'genuine' brands may need to be hunted for in the larger shops.









Computers and Electronics

Ngwe Sandar (Computer), No 1, Block 2, Mandalay-Lashio Road, towards Station Road, stocks basic computer spares and accessories, and stationery.  English spoken. ( 21741)  

N-Star, A-23, Playground Building, Mandalay-Lashio Road.  Satellite Accessories and Service.  09-2044342, 085-21113

Ngwe Sandar (Electronic), 6 Block, Merchant Street (beside the Main Market), has a wide selection of electronics, cheap digital cameras, specialist batteries, gadgets, etc.  English spoken.   ( 21516, 09-5142585

Hi Fi near Pacific Curio Shop, opposite Golden Triangle Cafe.


Curio and Antiques Shops

    Pacific World Curio is on the left (after Yoma Bank) as you enter the town from Mandalay.  Full of bric-a-brac, old clocks, opium weights, carvings, puppets, chests and other artifacts.  English spoken

    Tribal Crafts ('Gandamar Land') is a small version of Pacific, located to the right of the front entrance of the Main Market

    Aster (see bookshops, above).  Genuine, old items.


Email and Internet


AnT, No 45A Bogyoke Road, centre of town.  Tel. (085)-21909, email  The latest cyber cafe with broadband, gmail and internet telephone.  Prices are reasonable.  The coffee shop and fast food centre are in the same premises, clean and tidy.  Staff do not speak English.


Shwe Tay, opposite AnT, offers email and broadband internet.  Prices slightly lower, and English is spoken.




English House (computer training centre), 149 Forest Road, tel 09-510-54-27, email, can send and receive emails and acts as a post restante for visitors.  Emails and forwarded email can be received and kept for visitors' arrival.


Flowers and Seeds

     Pyin Oo Lwin Nursery is just before the Kandawgyi Gardens.  It is the longest established professional centre, specialising in flower and vegetable seeds, orchids, shrubs and plants.  Some of the best natural damson and strawberry wine (Country Wine) is made here.



Shiseido (ladies), No 5, Mandalay-Lashio Road, Block 3.  Tel. 09-500-28-86.  Appointments are not usually needed.

Shine (ladies and gents), Circular Road.

Win (Men's), opposite Dream Recording and next to Jasmine Coffee Shop, Station Road.



    Main Market    Very near the Clock Tower.  Everything is sold here, from gardening and farming implements to bananas, shoes, longyis and other clothes, flowers, fruit spices and meat.  This market gets very busy and crowded early in the morning.  Many places to eat an authentic local meal.  Open 7am-5pm.  Closed on Full Moon Days.  Street food market outside from about 4pm - pancakes, and all sorts of other evening meals.







Small Market on the Mandalay Lashio Road (towards Lashio, at the round-about).  Mostly foodstuffs, but picturesque.  Sometimes known as the Shan Market.  Open 7am-5pm.








Street Markets and Fairs.  There are several street markets and local markets scattered round the town.  Mostly

utilitarian, but very picturesque.  A country Fair takes place once or twice a year at the Pwer (fair) Ground (beyond the small market).  Full of village produce and handicrafts; very much worth a visit.









Many shops sell Myanmar (Burmese) music cassettes and CDs at very good prices.  The main specialist, with a large range is:

    Dream Recording.  No.1, Room 3, Block 9, at the beginning of Station Road, opposite Lay Ngoon Restaurant.  ( 22381


Pharmacies  Many pharmacies everywhere.  The best stocks of branded pharmaceuticals are near the larger clinics and the Public Hospital.  Most pharmacists are able to offer appropriate substitutes (Myanmar, Thai and Indian varieties) if favourite brands are not available.  Some imported brands are of weaker strength than you might expect, and it's certainly recommended to discuss dosage with the pharmacist or with a doctor.  Typically anti-malarials are of the 'Cure' kind rather than the preventative types - and given in high doses.


Photocopying Centres  There are plenty of these.  Try Ngwe Sandar (Computer) as above, or

Yamona, Block 2, Mandalay Lashio Road.  High quality photocopying, typing in English and Myanmar, digital photograph printing.








Best and most reliable watch and spectacles repairer is Atcha Bros, opposite the Purcell Tower.  This company has been used by locals and visitors for over 50 years, and though the founder passed away in 2006, his sons carry on the family tradition.  Robert Than Lwin can usually be seen in the shop window doing repairs.  He speaks excellent English.

Watch repairs (including battery replacement) can be done well and quickly at New, just to the left of the main market entrance.  Good English spoken

Sewing repairs (for example, torn clothing, broken backpacks) can quickly and inexpensively be done by a number of people on the first (upper) floor of the main market.

Camera repairs are best left until you find a qualified agent for your model.








Stationery    There are several basic stationery shops near the main market, but for wider choice and a range of quality, the shops listed below are useful.

    Heng Heng   Block 4/7 Mandalay-Lashio Road. Very good selection of stationery and gifts.

    Ngwe Sandar Computer.  No 1/D, Block 2, Mandalay-Lashio Road.  (21741.  Good selection of pens, pencils, key rings, note pads, and a range of computer related gadgets.  Range of software and video CDs.



    Safeway     right beside the Clock Tower.  Good selection of packaged goods.

    Heng Heng   Block 4/7 Mandalay-Lashio Road.  Good selection of sweets, snack food and stationery.

    Han Thar    No 98 Mandalay-Lashio Road, near the bookshops.  Packaged goods, sweets and dry snacks

    Tayar Min    Mandalay-Lashio Road, on the left after the small market round-about.  Well stocked, clean general store and supermarket.



Bus tickets, including from Mandalay.  Small shop next to Mona Lisa Guest House at the entrance to the town.

    Air tickets and confirmations.

Fairness Travels and Tours, No. 5, Mandalay-Lashio Road, Block 3, sells and makes reservations and confirmations for Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways.  Tel. 09-500-28-86.  This agency is in the same shop as Shiseido Hairdressers.  

Seven Diamond Travel Express Co, G-28 82nd Street, Mandalay.  (02-30128, 39678.  No agency in Pyin Oo Lwin, but Seven Diamonds speak good English and make local and international reservations and confirmations over the phone.



Wines    Pyin Oo Lwin wines are well known for their lack of additives.  Most wines are simply made from fermented fruit with sugar in large pots.  Extra alcohol is not added.  Most wines are rather thick and sweet, but nevertheless very palatable in this climate.  Wine is sold in many shops throughout the town, but buyers may be able to get 'special brews' from the makers direct.

Pyin Oo Lwin Nursery, towards Kandawgyi National Gardens.  Country Wine™.

Mingalar House, Station Road.  Mingalar House Damson Wine (Pure)™

Highland House, Forest Road.  Highland Wine™

Liqueur Corner ( 21226.  The largest stock of liquor, including spirits and imported wines is at Liqueur Corner, opposite the top end of the main market.