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The terrace below the View Restaurant at Anisakan - looking westwards towards Mandalay.

Dat Daw Kyaing falls

The View Restaurant in Anisakan has opened in 2014. Excellent food and service, with astonishing views over the falls and gorge.

Towards the viewing platform below the restaurant

A lovely place to sit and meditate, looking over the falls

Through young teak trees to the View restaurant

Colonial bungalow on Circular Road

Club View

Large colonial anglo house on Forest Road

Tapsy Villa. A splendid colonial house on Circular Road. At one time this was Beatty Bros Hotel.

Tapsy Villa, Circular Road

Meyer Lodge, Club Road

Myoma and Golden Triangle Cafe, bombed about 1943

Park Road House

Possibly known as Park View (Club Road), and lived in by Rodway Swinhoe until 1925. Stained glass windows to his memory are in All Saints' Church.

Colonial House on Forest Road

Russell Square, 1925

Russell Square, 2007

The Retreat, Club Road

An old map of Maymyo from 1945

The charming beauty of our following generations

The National Landmarks Garden is close to the Kandawgyi Gardens.

This beautiful waterfall is adjacent to the caves at Wet Wun

Passion flower stamens. Fruit, flowers and vegetables are grown abundantly in Pyin Oo Lwin

A carpet of yellow celandine-like flowers in December

It's easy to get off the main roads and find the old horse rides (see the map for more details of these)

Wild native crocuses in May

The cliffs at the Dat Daw Kyaing waterfalls in Anisakahn make a visit to these falls a good challenge

Just out of town towards Lashio you come across the heart of Myanmar

The road up from Mandalay is well paved

Spectacular scenery as you climb up the escarpment

Plenty of village and rural life to see on the way

A fisherman at Lake Inle

Rice paddy gives wonderful rural views and insights

Hundreds of sunsets like this in Pyin Oo Lwin

A rushing stream emerges from the Wet Wun caves

The main road from Mandalay entering Pyin Oo Lwin

Most monasteries have huge trees covering up to an acre or more sometimes

Pyin Oo Lwin is a great destination for train buffs. It's possible to hire a whole train for your visit to Myanmar!

Innwa Falls in the dry season

The Innwa Falls in the rainy season. Off the road - you need a good guide to get to this great picnic spot

Wet Wun cave entrance

This stream cascades throughout the cave system

Cave entrance looking outwards.

Lots of antiques and interesting things to buy

Novitiation parade in the main street

View of the town centre from the Golden Triangle cafe

Pyin Oo Lwin Golf Club welcomes visitors. Equipment is easily rented here

AnT houses the main internet cafe in the middle of Pyin Oo Lwin

The main Mandalay-Lashio Road passes through the centre of town

The Purcell Tower

The Post Office, with telephone and fax facilities

Over the rooftops of the northern suburb

Purcell Tower of 1936. An identical tower was built in Penang, Malaysia

The Purcell Tower

A quiet side street

Sweater shops for which Pyin Oo Lwin is justly famous

Get around the town in a stylish 'Victoria' coach

Drying coffee. Coffee is one of the principal industries in the area

A coffee estate on the outskirts of town

Separating coffee from the husks

Modern training facilities exist in Pyin Oo Lwin

Locally produced coffee packaged for supermarkets and export

Golden Triangle cafe (now closed)

Terrace of Golden Triangle (now closed)

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens - and looks over the beautiful lakes

The National Landmarks Garden is near the National Kandawgyi Gardens

Kandawgyi Gardens bridge

A watery corner of the Gardens

Kandawgyi Gardens lake one misty morning in winter

The markets offer an abundance of local produce

A rose seller outside the market. Picture supplied by Hartmut Hallek, 2007.

Pancakes at a market food stall

Fruit and vegetables are fresh and abundant

Every quarter of town has its own small local market

One of the original stores in Pyin Oo Lwin, well restored, but uglified today - pity.

These cannon outside the Forestry Department Museum are dated 1851